ARCHIVE: Vandal Newsletter #2, What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner?

Feeling like eating a vegan pepperoni-cheese bread? Or some cochinita pibil? Want to know the secret to Ma’s ceviche? Or how to make chili con lo que hay? Check out Food and Migration’s recipes. Tonight: cook like a Vandal!

Vandal Recommends

Nonfiction:I’ve never tasted a steak. I’ve never basted. I have tasted meat a few times in my life before now – a French quail with a balding uncle, a few rotisserie chickens, bologna sandwiches traded in elementary school – but I’ve left most of the meaty world unexplored…” from Lisa Brennan-Jobs’s “Confessions of a Lapsed Vegetarian.”

Poetry: I come from lines like the lines you see in immigration offices—the sort of lines/them pay armed guards to frown at,/the sort of lines that lady clerks, de boil with them first week of menopause,/shout into straightness:/“Get back! Wait you turn! Keep behind that de red line!/Leave the line you lose your place, sah! Put your papers in order!“from Michael S. Collins’s “Long Lines.”

Vandal Outloud

Bookstores: The closing of Marcus Books and the end of political bookstores. “If my parents hadn’t read that much, I would not have. If they hadn’t made me go to the bookstore after school, I would have gotten into some mess. And I don’t know if I would be alive today.