ARCHIVE: Vandal Newsletter #1

3.1 Food and Migration Now in Print

Vandal 3.1 Food & Migration is now available!

We decided to highlight food and movement because Vandal is “the immigrant and the disenfranchised, the frustrated and the abandoned, the hopeful and the progressive.” No place are these relationships illustrated as clearly as in the kitchen. Nothing is as vital as food security. Nothing produces simultaneous joy and pain like food.

– Guest Editor Ari Ariel

Read selections from it online, download it as a PDF, or get it in print.

Vandal Recommends

Q&A: An interview with our Pushcart nominee, Myriam Chancy – “Empathy is a lost art; cultivating it might yield collaborations for hope.”

Book: Empire, by Xochiquetzal Candelaria. “At its most potent, the language in Xochiquetzal Candelaria’s Empire simultaneously welds comparisons and juxtapositions, interrogations and sometimes strange, often discomfiting, and always surprising imagery onto the psyche…” reviewed by Marta Lucia Vargas.

Vandal Outloud

Documentary Film: Shola Lynch’s Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners––”No one thinks the prison-industrial-complex in this country is perfect. We are aware that people of all colors are falsely imprisoned. And that many people of all colors are justly and fairly incarcerated. But when 1 in 3 black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetimes, and people of color experience harsher treatment than their white counterparts, it’s hard not to pay attention to Angela Davis’s cries of racially motivated and institutionalized injustice…