Upon Viewing my Daughter Drowning as a [Continuous Loop]

the   water  is   deafness

pulling         a        string

of    silence     out of my

ears  /  when    she slips

under   the surface each

time          I am frozen &

moving /she  dips/   the

water  grabs     her /this

deafness      slicing    me

dragging       me    naked

my     body     granulates

disintegrates   &   bends

/her         eyes        have

changed  they  have lost

sunlight   /   mine     lost

to       these       anxieties

of      motherhood how

tomovequickenough     /

I can not dive      cannot

/repeat/  cannot   unsee

the fingertips    pressing

her eyes closed   / water
pulls           salt from her

mouth &               [jump]