ARCHIVE: Vandal Newsletter #3, Food & Poetry

Food and Poetry

Considering the relationship between your mouth and your problems? Try Stephanie Chan’s “The Problem Was Oral”:

His teeth had been gone for months. He’d been slurping jook. Which got tiring, which meant the food choices at home had emptied. He grew cranky and from the bedroom yelled out for dishes concocted in his head…

More poetry from Food & Migration.

Vandal Recommends

Beware of Ruins: “We lived in a city famous for its ruins. The sky was the same color as/the glass heart of a bride. I asked what the color was called. Gazelle’s/
blood, someone said,
” from Howie Good’s “Holy City.”

Eat Your Corn:like flowers in snow, Monsanto/might say, life can open/where we least expect it. Farmers/net bags for sale in pyramids,” from Rebecca Dunham’s “Transgenic Pastoral.”

Vandal Outloud

Courageous Footwear: What we admired about Wendy Davis was that she was, first and foremost, a woman. She did not approach the microphone as a Democrat, as a Texan, or as someone trying to use this for political gain. She simply spoke of what this bill would do female bodies in her state, female bodies like her own,” from “She Wore Pink Shoes: Wendy Davis is a Vandal”