Newsletter #12


ASTER(ix) Newsletter #12

May 2016

Spring is finally here and with it our first book, Atravesando, an anthology edited by Angie Cruz and Oindrila Mukherjee. It is now officially available for purchase! We invite you to read the book so you can travel the world with these fierce female protagonists. The issue, features poems and stories by Fiona Cheong, Grace Singh Smith, Ani Kazarian, Chris Carmona, Andree Greene, Cathy Guo, Alexandria Delcourt, Raina J. León, Kelsey Valadez. Leticia Hernández, Erin Koehler, Didi Jackson, Robin Scofield, Amy Elizabeth Bishop, Araceli Esparza, H. N. Holder, Yvette Benavides, Keya Mitra and Kate Mar. We also encourage you to request it at your local bookstore or library. It’s distributed by Ingram, published by Blue Sketch Press. And if you do enjoy the work or any of the work you read online or in print please help us spread the word and let people know about Aster(ix). Each week we will publish online one work from the anthology. But why wait when you can read it all at once and support small presses by buying a copy at Blue Sketch Press. Also available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

From Atravesando:

“Armen pulled himself away from the TV, and walked over to Loosi. The twins weren’t exactly sure what that meant, but knew that it was what they had been waiting for as far back as either could remember.” From Ani Kazarian’s Four Suitcases

New In Asterisms:

“This shadow is ghost-like, but that doesn’t make it any less real. To me, good dancing seems to predicate on surprise. The best numbers will make you gasp; will deal in what is unexpected between beats and moments.” From Lucia LoTempio’s review of Fabienne Josaphat’s Dancing in the Baron’s Shadow.
“Then she crosses herself,
clears her throat, 
places the moon at the window.
Some nights, a moth
drifts towards it”
From “La Llorona at the Saloon” by Jose Araguz
All together now—Cyberlimpiastination: the art of procrastinating by cleaning up your digital life. You’re welcome.
From Cyberlimpiastination by Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
“(No one’s told you, yet, that sex doesn’t have to be survived so meanwhile) tell yourself he’s kind, not stingy with his money where you’re concerned..” From Fiona Cheong’s Love Story for a Foreign Girl





“The campus administration and the student’s parole officer have repeatedly attempted to contact his grandmother and other relatives by phone and a home visit has been requested by the campus’ at-risk coordinator and the district’s CPS and DHHS liaisons; however, the student’s most recent address is not on file.” From El Chingon by Abigail Carl-Klassen
“I disappeared, transfixed. The story transcends expectations and execution, at once funny and thrilling, and more than anything, innovative.”  
From Rachel Brickner’s Review of Idra Novey’s Ways to Disappear
“Do you think I chipped away at the day / the same way I did the night?”
From Didi Jackson’s Almost Animal



 “The maple sapling naked in its shaking. To be able to isolate yourself completely from others, if you choose, is a privilege. I can envy it sometimes, shutting down the internet, taking the phone off the hook (what an antiquated metaphor now!), not needing others at all. But it’s not possible for me.” From To What Do We Owe This Pleasure: On the Value of Not Writing by Ada Limon
“Ah yes, panic is chattery—internally and externally. The slight chatter of your teeth from fear of failure becomes external questioning to any and all. I’m working on a piece and I have this and that, and what do you think? i.e ‘I’m LOST. What do YOU think I should do?” From On Panic, Failure, and Asking for Help by Gabrielle Civil

As many of you know Aster(ix) is a work of puro amor devoted to writers, artists, thinkers and activists committed to social change. It runs on crazy midnight-oil kind of energy and thrives on word-of-mouth. So thank you to all of you who tweet, Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter, who like our FB page and cite us in your work. Thank you also to those who choose to support through donations and more.