House Call


katharine is getting her monthly brazilian wax $$ she isn’t seeing anyone $$ so this isn’t for anyone $$ you shouldn’t do anything  unless it’s for yourself $$ katharine is a self-made kind of woman $$ mami is too $$ katharine comes to the house & mami waxes her in the living room $$ she makes me set up the dining room table into a waxing bed $$ the same one we eat our twisted thanksgiving on $$ arroz con gandules even tho we aren’t puerto rican $$ sweet potato casserole recipe mami got from one of her clients $$ katharine comes on time $$ she has no tolerance for people being late $$ i am reading in the kitchen but eavesdropping $$ immigrant kids know how to listen $$ it is how we get ahead $$ we are good little spies $$ katharine says have you heard about this george zimmerman thing? $$ mami says no, what is about? $$ katharine says well everyone wants to make it a race thing but it isn’t a race thing because george zimmerman is latino $$ mami says okay lift up your legs $$ mami says to be honest, i don’t really get it $$ katharine says i just don’t know why people have to be politically correct about it  $$  later, katharine will play devil’s advocate with morals on facebook, later still, she will say we are all immigrants, aren’t we $$ now she says i mean  you came here & worked so hard i just really admire that  $$ mami calls my name $$ meleessa please heat up de wax $$ oh, katharine says, your daughter, i haven’t seen her in ages $$ is she  still reading? she is so well-behaved $$ you did such a good job  with them $$ you always do such a good job




“House Call” first appeared in Muzzle Magazine and also appears in Peluda (Button Poetry, 2017).

Image Credits: Soffie Hicks