El Chingón




Reunión OBLIGATORIO del Comité de Admisión, Revisión y Despido

Estimado Padre/Guardián:

La educación de su hijo es
importante. Necesitamos hablar

con usted sobre su progreso
en nuestro programa de educación

especial. Es necesario
saber su opinión.

para hacer un cita.

Podemos contestar
cualquier pregunta

o duda que tengas
y ofrecer mas servicios.

Por favor firme la páginas
y devuélvelas a la escuela.

la página numero uno.

Coordinadora de educación especial


The student will continue to be classified as LEP based on the unanimous decision by his assessment committee that reviewed his most recent TELPAS evaluation in conjunction with his academic performance outside the ESL classroom. The student has also been scheduled for his mandatory quarterly ARD meeting to review his IEP and determine whether his modifications need to be altered based on updated information provided by his parole officer to the campus administration, at-risk coordinator and the student’s SPED instructors. The meeting will discuss reports from instructors and other campus personnel that the student exhibits frequent outbursts of aggressive and violent behavior. According to these reports, the student has exceeded the number of referrals allowed per semester and contingent upon his ARD status, he is potentially at-risk of being placed within the campus’ alternative education program, which is in violation of the terms set by the court to avoid placement within juvenile detention. Additionally, the quarterly PEIMS report shows that the student has failed to meet the state’s ninety percent attendance requirements. According to instructor attendance records, he has been absent twenty five out of the last forty instructional days, which also violates the terms of his parole. The campus administration and the student’s parole officer have repeatedly attempted to contact his grandmother and other relatives by phone and a home visit has been requested by the campus’ at-risk coordinator and the district’s CPS and DHHS liaisons; however, the student’s most recent address is not on file.


III. OMG!!! This Class Sux Balls!!!

u got d-tention 2day? that bitch me dijo
ke if i don’t turn in my work that shes
gonna put me in alternative for the rest of
the year call my mom pos she doesnt care

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                yeah pero alternative is way better then real
classes u dont do nothing and u go home early
cuz they dont want u there think u r gonna
punch some puta for making fun of u ja ja ja

maybe but u still got to sit all day with all those
dum asses specially that looser komo se llama
thinks hes el chingon he all ways talks shit
and one time he even put fire in the trashcan

so whut el no viene ne-more ne-ways he wuz 
  in juvenile kuando i wuz in alternative last 
time plus sum of those boyz r hott!!! e-ven if 
they r dum asses tienen fine asses tambien!!!

u no whut gurl i heard that Frankies cuzin
thinks u r hott!!! me dijo ke who that fine
ass at that kuince before tu hermana made
u leave early for reals im not even playing

whutevah u no that im with Jaime since like 
2 months already and hes so sweet and treats 
me nice and he even buys me ne-thing i want 
no way that Frankies cuzin is hotter than him 

pleeze u no hes a cheater everybody says
that Brenda has been with him a million
times since u got 2gether plus where does
he get all his monie ne-ways im just askin

u just tienes celos porque ur man cant get it  
up ja ja prolly falls out of condoms and shit  
 y ya tiene bebes thats where all his monie is 
cuz the court makes him pay his ex and not u

u can hate pero u know its true the miss saw
him squeezing her chi chis out by the lockers
dont lie i no u member cuz that wuz the same
day that the crasy chingon punched the mister