Bloody wound
Never healed
Leaking on bricks

Illusion of false propriety
No priorities for public housing
Could be a paradise
But infected by cynical surroundings

Protest a pig
While we blast our brothers
As easy as passing a bottle
For tasty backwash

Concrete on top of swampy marsh
Poverty is harsh
Like chilly wind with thin sabana

Empty cabinet
Broken fridge
Toilet can’t flush
Ashes in sink
No incense just stink

Pour up
More sessions less questions
No zone to think about
Vida’s profound mysteries

Almost century undiscovered history
Ignored casually as like
What you said
Pardon me wasn’t listening

Hit squad lit saucy
Reputation valid
Constant threat causes panic
Never can chill completely

Must remain o50
Guarded from heartless
Demons straight narrow path
Deviate palm grip

Blocka blocka blam fam
Won’t resist masterplan
Keep you programmed
Sit on benches

Pretending to pursue purpose
Healthy haterism working overtime
For dry quiet dollars
To be thrown at hungry bunny
Who calls you big dummy

Pink bitch nut cracker finding nemo
Soggy off brown water dripping
Hot breath after long night
Regular routine getting ripped

Dip and dive shallow puddle
Post middle twisted

One man’s pain
Next lame’s gain
Plain simple complex riddle
Only jesters know a little

Cat lady tender vittles
After midnight
Dot collecting trashy treasures
Hoarding memories
Stacked on top of another
Until pile collapses

Juancito bike repairman give a bag
Fix flat break chain

Chink been retired
Jackpot scratch off got slush puppies machine
Jimmy Sabater salchica con huevo
Jamming on heaven’s timbales

Chess board offices for Grind Hard
Spin a sucka
Scratch wax
Soundview Uptown Baby
Don’t call it comeback

Hood still creeps in
Shadows of broken heart

Flowerpots where most drama starts
Back park no one sliding only rolling up
Once dusk contaminates like porkchop bacteria

Chicken wings from Kee Hing Chinese
Don’t get caught slipping without that thing

Sweet revenge blood bitter
Liquor deceptive poison
Used to lubricate excuses

Subleasing condos of loneliness
Subsidized palaces
Family mansion turned trap spot
Dope house low lot

Steam out humid hallway
Fall through blaze
Waste seconds as each spliff
Slowly decomposes

Sunshine exposes wrinkled cement
Monkey bars ball court
Milkcrate hoops all star
Trash can champs
Transition to rec league
Washed up has been weekend warriors

Reminisce about younger versions of
What could ended up as inevitable
Shorties con mente frito
Look up to these gentlemen as role models

Tomorrow unbelievable
Stuffed pockets from smoked out logic

Scattered suckas float being head cheeb in charge
Suckhead cypher squeezed circles
Most destructive weapon ticking bomb
Short fuse sparked everytime you got confused

Beast approves your lack of effort
Curse what you stuck to
Clinging on life preserver
In midst of vast ocean
Where can you drop anchor
Anger brewing beneath skin
Can’t scream loud enough for anyone
To hear emergency

Divine timing coordinates
Double knowledge
Double wisdom
Incomplete understanding

Bullshit branded hashtag
Snapback baggy tee
Block life not all this can be

More than sum of forgotten nights wild days
All part of crooked maze
Bringing back to beginning

Stepping to work in morning
After long hours 5 bus slide into Story and Noble
Dolla cab at corner
Fat 8080 pick you up at Lafayette

Audience of ghosts get up
At Whitestone Matinee
Throw popcorn at blank screen

Smoke dances towards streetlit sky
Value meal quarter pound Kansas bucket

Hard to catch passion
Evaporating hopeful horizons

Homies enterprise to break from paranoid
Tired act recycled unrehearsed script

Stand firm on cracked crust
Otherside smurf village
Space between simple shootouts

Raising rotten relatives
Violate vicinity
Eviction imminent establish domain

So easy to get dizzy
Daily loops around
Clason Point Lane


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