Aster(ix) Newsletter #6:

“..if I did not write, I would drown «in my throat the seeds would die.»”

Aster(ix) Newsletter #6
Announcing our Fall 2014 Issue, Kianny N. Antigua: Short Fiction

We’re excited to announce our Fall 2014 Issue featuring translated works by acclaimed Dominican writer, Kianny N. Antigua. The seed of this issue was planted at UNC Chapel Hill while Nelly Rosario and I presented for their Latin@ Speakers Series. During our talk we had mentioned that not enough writers were being translated into English from the Latin@ diaspora, and Noah Turner Myers stepped up and did something about it. 

In Asterisms, you will find an interview with Naom Chomsky on Racism in the US and Europe and our top poetry picks for 2014, as recommended by our amazing supporting council of poets, Dawn Lundy Martin, Amy Sara Carroll, Yona Harvey, and Sheila Maldonado.

As many of you know Aster(ix) is a work of puro amor devoted to writers, artists, thinkers and activists committed to social change. It runs on crazy midnight-oil kind of energy and thrives on word-of-mouth. So thank you to all of you who tweet, tumblr, reddit, subscribe to our newsletter, who like our FB page and cite us in your work. Thank you to those who teach our writers. Thank you also to those who choose to support through donations and more.


“..if I did not write, I would drown «in my throat the seeds would die.» I write and that allows meto breathe; I benefit from the writing in order to be a little happier,everything that comes after is a bonus, a gift.“ 
– from Interview/Entrevista with Kianny N. Antigua by Noah Turner Myers

Aster(ix) Picks: Our Favorite Poetry 2014: Aster(ix) asked four poets we love to choose their favorite poetry books just in time for holiday gift giving!

“They think that it is just not polite to talk about it. That kind of racism does not get discussed. There is the racism of other people, not us. It is the same with school busing. Those kinds of things are not reported.” – from Interview with Noam Chomsky on Racism in US and Europe by Mine Gencel Bek  



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