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I walked over…smiling a smile that did not belong to me but to some other girl with solid gold cojones.

“How much?” He rubbed his fingers together to make sure I understood he meant money. I walked over to the car, slow, slinky, the way I imagined the Avenue Foch girls did when getting ready to climb into a car. I bent down to the window, smiling a smile that did not belong to me but to some other girl with solid gold cojones.

Read an excerpt of Patricia Engel’s beautiful new novel, IT’S NOT LOVE, IT’S JUST PARIS in our FICTION ISSUE 2013.

Tropicale by Patricia Engel

Tropicale by Patricia Engel

An excerpt from the novel, IT’S NOT LOVE, IT’S JUST PARIS

Maribel was often depressed due to Florian’s unwillingness to leave Eliza. She’d spend a string of nights at the studio followed by a week as a bedbound slug with Florent Pagny’s Savoir Aimer playing on repeat in her CD player, until Florian appeared at the House of Stars …

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Asterisms: Unbound and Noteworthy

Is Afropolitanism Africa's New Single Story? Reading Helon Habila's Review of "We Need New Names" by Brian Bwesigye

Is Afropolitanism Africa’s New Single Story? Reading Helon Habila’s Review of “We Need New Names” by Brian Bwesigye

It is now a trend that any story out of Africa that deals with deprivation, misrule and suffering is met with loud outcries of  poverty-porn from a group of Africans Taiye Selasi defined as Afropolitans. Writing in Lip Magazine in 2005, Taiye described Afropolitans as “the newest generation of African emigrants … (known by a) funny blend of London fashion, …

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Unraveling the Grand Cliché:  Yona Harvey’s Hemming the Water by Lauren Russell

Unraveling the Grand Cliché: Yona Harvey’s Hemming the Water by Lauren Russell

When I was a teenager in Los Angeles, I nearly worshipped Frida Kahlo. My mom would sometimes take me downtown to Olvera Street, the oldest part of the city, where you can still tour the longest-surviving residence in Los Angeles, built in 1818 and now surrounded by old buildings housing Mexican restaurants with outdoor seating and mariachi bands, and shops …

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From the Web…

Esperanza Spalding on Guantanamo

Via cultural studies scholar, Aisha Durham. Esperanza Spalding Protests ‘Guantanamo Injustice’ In New Video.

Grammy Award-winning singer Esperanza Spaulding has a new video out called “We Are America” in which she urges Congress to close Guantanamo.

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Nelly Rosario on the Macdaddy

Judging A Cover By His Books: An Annotated Bibliography of The Intellectual Macdaddy  by Nelly Rosario

“Admittedly, the urbane heterosexual educated female of color should not judge a potential mate by the covers of his books.”

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Dirty Laundry: A Homemade Telenovela

Over ten years ago, Cristina Ibarra made this funny and revealing fifteen-minute film from a collection of home movies, real-life telenovelas and her own fiction. It’s about a girl’s spin cycle cut short when she’s asked to prepare for her cousin’s quinceneras.

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