About Aster(ix)


Aster(ix) is a play on asterisk, star, splat, a wildcard. It’s the censored and omitted. It’s footnotes and to be continued. (ix) honors Mayan heart-knowing, the alignment with divine will, the torch bearer. We cast lines between the future and the past, the possible and the impossible.


Aster(ix) MASTHEAD

Editor-in-Chief/ Publisher/ Founder
Angie Cruz

Publisher/ Founder
Adriana E. Ramírez

Book Review Editor
Oindrila Mukherjee

Contributing Editors 
Arielle Greenberg
Yona Harvey
Daisy Hernandez
Jennifer Howard
Madhu Kaza
Sheila Maldonado
Dawn Lundy Martin
Idra Novey
Emily Raboteau
Nelly Rosario
Zohra Saed   
Sun Yung Shin
Jenelle Troxell
Chika Unigwe
Marta Lucia Vargas
Autumn Womack

Managing Editor
Clarissa Leon (PITT MFA)

Editorial Assistants
Rachel Brickner
Lucia LoTempio
Joshua Graber
Tanya Shirazi
Suzannah Spaar

Advisory Editors
Ari Ariel
Armando Garcia
Amy Sara Carroll
Norma Cantú
Xochi Candalaria
Jennifer Clement
Edwidge Danticat
Cristina García
Stephanie Elizondo Griest
Bushra Rehman
Andrea Thome
Helena Maria Viramontes

Past Guest Editors:
Gabrielle Civil
Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe
Ana Maurine Lara
Vanessa Martir

Layout and Design
Little Owl Creative

Aster(ix) Journal receives support from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of English at University of Pittsburgh.




Q: Does Aster(ix) accept open submissions?

A: Thank you so much for your interest in our journal. At the moment we will only consider solicited submissions. However we will have open calls and reading periods throughout the year. The best way to learn about them is to subscribe to our newsletter, like us on FB or follow us on twitter.

Q: What are Asterisms & Microeditorials?

A: In addition to our thematic print issues we publish online throughout the year in Asterisms (full-length) and Microeditorials (brief).

Q: Who designed the beautiful logo?

A:  Artist Bekhyon Yim designed the logo.;

Q: Who founded Aster(ix) and when?

A: Aster(ix) was founded by novelist Angie Cruz and nonfiction writer Adriana E. Ramírez in 2013. The name and mission of Aster(ix) was and continues to be fostered by our core council: Angie Cruz, Sheila Maldonado, Marta Lucia Vargas, Emily Raboteau, Adriana E. Ramírez and Nelly Rosario.

Q: How can one obtain permission to reprint works published on Aster(ix)?

A:  Once published by Aster(ix) copyright reverts to the author. We ask that once reprint permission has been granted by author that all materials first published in Aster(ix) are credited accordingly.

Q: What about image copyright and permissions?
A: We have made every effort to credit images on this website. If you are the copyright holder of any un/mis-credited image on our site please contact us at info[at]asterixjournal[dot]com and we will  either credit you properly or take it down. Please contact the credited artist for other image permissions.


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